June 2012 Song of the Month

Garden Party
(This is one of the songs on my
"Bee-Boppin' Bugs CD)
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.








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This is a  great dancing song, and fits in with the 2012 national summer reading theme, "Dream Big"

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       Here are some additional ideas for having fun with this song!

1 Check out some easy non-fiction books on the animals in the song (spider, cricket, firefly, beetles and just share a few interesting facts and photos of each.


2.   Use simple props for dancing; scarves, streamers, tiny flashlights for fireflies, glow bracelets or glow sticks, and have children dance with the lights off, or better yet- outside in the garden on a summer night!


3.   Remember- children have no trouble distinguishing fact from fantasy, and love using their imaginations to combine the two. So have fun!

Garden Party

Out in the moonlight, on a summer night

I went out to the garden to see

Just what was goin’ on between the dusk and the dawn

There was a party waitin’ for me


The place was buzzin’, the air was hummin’

It was a magical fantasy

The trees were rustlin’, the ground was bustlin’

It was a garden party just for me


All the spiders dancing on a silver string

The crickets were playing a song

And when the fireflies turned on the party lights

I couldn’t help but sing along


The stars were shining, the moon was smiling

The leaves were glittering all around

The flowers swaying, the beetles playing

The air was full of sights and sounds