December 2016 Song of the Month

Snowflake Game
Copyright 2016 by Nancy Stewart


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What do people and snowflakes have in common?
No two are the same!

To play this game, make enough snowflakes for each child. There are so many great ideas for art projects- check out Pinterest, or use your own design. Letting children make them insure each one really will be different. Then, either on the back or in the middle of a larger one, cut out and glue a photo of each child. Place the snowflakes on the ground and have children walk around them during first two lines of the song. When lyrics direct them to find their pictures, just follow the directions. Short and sweet and very repeatable!

Here are links to some of my favorite Pinterest paper snowflake ideas. But there are many more- look around for a design that works for your age group, time frame, and materials.

Paper snowflakes using children's names- very clever!

Simple directions for painting a snowflake, so no cutting involved

Snowflakes constructed on coffee filtters with pasta and straws; simple and crafty!

Snowflake Song

Snowflakes falling, no two the same

Come letís play a little snowflake game

Find your picture, now hereís your clue

Like a snowflake thereís only one of you

Hold your snowflake up and turn around

Now let it drift slowly down to the ground

Snowflakes falling, no two the same

Thatís how we play a little snowflake game