July 2020 Song of the Month

Jingle in July
Copyright 2020 by Nancy Stewart

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I was looking through my rhythm instruments and ran across a set of jingle bells. They are a happy little sound, so I thought why not get them out and jingle! Of course that made me think we need a little song to sing, and the alliteration of Jingle in July popped into my head. So get out those bells and jingle along!

You can also find instructions to make your own Jingle Sticks or Jingle Bracelets on Sing With Our Kids.

And as a point of trivia, anyone who sings with kids for a living knows that Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are top requests from kids any time of the year!

Jingle in July


I like to jingle, jingle, jingle in December
I like to jingle, jingle, jingle in July
I like to jingle and ring, I like to jingle and sing
I like to jingle, jingle, jingle in July


Well some people think that you should only jingle
In the winter when the snow is on the ground
But any time of the year it makes me happy to hear
A little ring a little jinglingí sound (CHORUS)

I was looking for something in my toy box
When I heard a little jingling sound
I looked around bit more and then it fell on the floor
It was my jingle bells a jingliní around (CHORUS)

Now I keep my jingle bells on my toy shelf
So I can jingle any time of the year
And if Iím happy or sad or just bored or Iím mad
It makes me happy when a jingle I hear (CHORUS)