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December 2005
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Star Shine Bright
from "A Season for Singing" , available HERE
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This is a very sweet and gentle song you can use with the youngest children, although older children love it as well. There is also a non-Christmas version you can use the rest of the year, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Have four felt stars in red, blue, purple, and yellow. If doing the Christmas version, have a large felt tree to place them on. Place each star on the tree as the color is sung. If you’re doing the non-Christmas version, you can just place the stars on the board.

Stars shine bright on our Christmas tree (form diamond shape with hands over head)
Tell me what color star you see (place a star on the tree)
Red star shine, red star shine, twinkle and shine all through the night (open and close stars to in the air to “shine”)
(repeat with other colors)

Version 2:
Same motions as above, but with non-Christmas lyrics

Stars shine brightly through the trees
Tell me what color star you see
Yellow star shine, yellow star shine
Twinkle and shine all through the night.

Other ideas for this song:

Make crowns for the children, each with a paper star in front. Have children stand up as their color is sung. This makes a very sweet presentation for young children at holiday performance.

Give each child a felt star to put on the tree as you sing the song (use multiple stars of the same color).







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