April 2012 Song of the Month

Ridin' Along and Singin' a Song
a counting song
Copyright 2012 by Nancy Stewart





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This simple counting song also has some great vocabulary words to discuss with children before or as you sing.  Don’t be afraid to use “big” words with young children! They love learning new words that are fun to say, and these words are wrapped in a simple song in which most of the words are familiar. Early literacy research tells us that the more words children know when entering kindergarten, the more successful they are likely to be as readers. Of course this doesn't mean stuffing them full  of random words, but introducing them to a variety of words that make sense in context is a great way to build their vocabulary.

Be sure to print out the pictures you can use to make a book of this song. Punch holes in the pages and put them in a simple folder or binder. You can stop and talk about the new words in each verse as you sing; a great way to build narrative skills!

For more information on early literacy, go to my Music & Early Literacy” page.



1 One dapper dog ridin’ on a bike

    singin’ a song and ridin’ on a bike


2. Two clever cats ridin’ in a car

    singin’ a song and ridin’ in a car


3. Three dainty ducks ridin’ in a boat

    singin’ a song and ridin’ in a boat


4.  Four sneaky snakes ridin’ on a train
    singin’ a song and ridin’ on a train


5.  Five brittle bugs ridin’ on a plane

     singin’ a song and ridin’ on a plane


6.  See the menagerie ridin’ on a bus

     singin’ together and ridin’ on a bus