January 2017 Song of the Month
Dem Dinosaur Bones
Traditional, adapted by Marylee Sunseri
(my best friend and musical partner)


CLICK HERE for the printable lyrics  and instructions. (PDF)
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Iíve been doing this variation of the traditional spiritual (Dem Bones) for many years, and itís always a favorite!
Why this song works and should be in everyone's song bag of tricks:
Itís simple, so anyone can sing it
Itís based on a familiar melody ( research tells us we all learn
    best by attaching new information to something familiar
It has a strong beat, which makes it irresistible
Keeping a steady beat by slapping hands on thighs makes
    children focus
Itís adaptable: Use with or without pictures, sing in the car and
    have kids take turns naming their favorite dinosaurs
It has a topic children are timelessly drawn to- dinosaurs!
It employs the element of surprise, as children donít know what dinosaur will be next
This song sparks creativity: the more you sing it, children will have their own ideas for
Itís just plain fun- and singing should be fun!

NOTE: The ďHands up!Ē you hear me say after each verse on the recording is a little trick I came up with many years that always works to get kidsí attention. When kids want to stop and talk about each dinosaur, you can stop the song, and let them (great for building narrative skills). When you want to get them back into the song, just say, ďHands up!Ē and they magically put their hands up and are ready to resume the song. Try it- it really works!

Ideas for using this song:
Simply sing this song, keeping a steady beat by slapping hands on thighs
Hold up pictures to match the dinosaurs in the song download here (but keep slapping thighs!)
Use your favorite dinosaur picture book, adding verses to the song as you go.
Visit the library and check out a new dinosaur book to use!
Older children can draw their own dinosaur pictures, give them names, and then sing about them

Dem Dinosaur Bones

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dinosaur bones
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dinosaur bones
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dinosaur bones
Putíem all together and this is what you get

(hold up a picture of a dinosaur (on the PRINTABLE LYRICS) and have kids name it, or use without pictures)