October 2020 Song of the Month
 Black Hole
by Nancy Stewart       Copyright 2019 Friends Street Music BMI
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As I was writing songs for my summer reading concert for 2019 (Up, Up, and Away), there was a major news announcement from NASA. Scientists had captured the first ever photo of a black hole! This was HUGE! NASA was so excited they offered are free download of the photo. And of course, I had to write and perform a song about it. Iíve linked some great articles - photos included, of course- for you to share with children. Take a few minutes and check them out. They are literally out of this world! First Black Hole Photo and Story of the first picture of a black hole

And I canít resist sharing one of my favorite space-related things- Story Time From Space. Astronauts read picture books from the space station! These are amazing, and speak to the passion these astronauts have for promoting literacy here on earth. You will be even more amazed than your kids (and the picture books are fantastic!)   And now, hereís the song!

Black Hole

Black hole, we never knew what you looked like
Black hole, but we knew that you were there
Black hole, we finally saw what you look like
Youíre a mighty awesome thing black hole

Black hole, your gravity's irresistible
Black hole, better stay away from you
Black hole, you even steal the light
Youíre a mighty awesome thing black hole

Well you used to be a star
But one day you simply went too far
You exploded in space, you imploded in space
Now a black hole is what you are
(repeat 2nd verse and chorus)