November 2016 Song of the Month

Come Sit At Our Table
(Thanksgiving Song)
Copyright 2016 by Nancy Stewart
(For my big brother, who taught me how to play guitar and manages my website! Thanks, Bro!)


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Every American family has its own Thanksgiving traditions. This song reflects mine- a noisy house full of family and friends, many generations, and of course, the quintessential dog under the table! Ask children what their families do. It can bring up conversations about different kinds of families, foods, relatives, and for some, a vacation or meal at a restaurant. Whatever the traditions, they always involve food and family!
          NOTE: With younger children you can simply sing the chorus.

Come Sit At Our Table
(Thanksgiving Song)

Come sit at our table, Thanksgiving is here,
With family and neighbors and friends that are dear
We join to give thanks for the blessings we share
And may we remember them all though the year.

Our table is magic for it seems to grow
No matter how full there is room for one more
Come sit at our table, just pull up a chair
For good food and gratitude wait for you there

You may want to sit next to my Grandma Nell
She always has wonderful stories to tell
But if you sit next to my brother who’s two
Be careful he might dump his dinner on you!   (CHORUS)

You'll find lots of food, some you never have had
For everyone makes something, even my dad
Yes everyone brings something they like the best
It goes on the table to share with the rest

From turkey and dressing to parsnips and peas
And cranberry sauces, three kinds if you please
And if you should try something you just don’t like
Sneak it under the table to our dog Ike     (CHORUS)

After the dinner we bring out the pies
Pumpkin and apple and lemon surprise
Then we clear off the table and bring out the songs
That everyone knows and we all sing along.   (CHORUS)