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I'm Hopping Like A Bunny
dramatic play song

This song is self explanatory. If you want to have even more fun with it, buy a slide whistle! You can find them at music and some toy stores. Have the children practice falling down when you pull the slide out, and stand up when you push the slide in. That way, you can sing the song yourself, and pause between slides in order to give very young children time to stand up! And of course, you can add more animals to the song!

I'm hopping like a bunny, I'm hopping all around
Hopping like a bunny and now I'm falling down

I'm stomping like a dinosaur, I'm stomping all around
Stomping like a dinosaur and now I'm falling down

I'm swimming like a fishy, I'm swimming all around
Swimming like a fishy and now I'm falling down

I'm walking like an elephant, I'm walking all around
Walking like an elephant and now I'm falling down

I'm flitting like a butterfly, I'm flitting all around
Flitting like a butterfly and now I'm falling down 













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