February 2011 Song of the Month


Four Little Valentines
Copyright 2011 by Nancy Stewart

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This is the Valentine's Day version of my Four Little Paper Dolls song.
I did it last year with hundreds of children ages 2-6, and they ALL loved it! I made the paper hearts ahead of time, and the children all got to take them home at the end. You would have thought I’ve given them a piece of gold! Follow the instructions below, and prepare to have fun!

1. Print out valentines on colored paper using pattern (there are valentine messages already printed on them, so you will have ready-made valentines). Cut and fold them, and have enough for each child to have one, plus some extras in case of tears. You may want to use a variety of reds and pinks, or just one color. I like a mix.

2. Sing the song for the children before you give them their paper hearts. This way they can not only learn it, but see how you carefully fold and unfold the hearts as you sing.

3. Before you pass out the hearts, talk to children about how fragile they are, and we must be very gentle with them so they don’t tear (I was amazed last year that even the most “active” young children were soooo careful that not a single paper heart was torn).

4. Pass out the hearts, and begin by having children gently open them.

5. Sing the song. I have children carefully set down the paper hearts on the floor and then fold or unfold them, since this is easier for them than trying to do it while holding them up. Don’t try to have children use an accordion fold. Just have them fold the hearts one over the other. The very youngest children will be able to do this.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

NOTE: Depending on the ages and skill levels of your children, they can help cut and or fold, or even make their own folding valentines from scratch- complete with their own hand-written messages; a great writing activity for older children!


Four Little Valentines

Four little valentines in a row

One said, “Sorry, but I have to go”

Three little valentines in a row

One said, “Sorry, but I have to go”

Two little valentines in a row

One said, “Sorry, but I have to go”

One valentine said,
“Where are my friends?”

They all came back….. 
And this is the end!