September 2015 Song of the Month

Willoughby Wallaby Woo






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This traditional silly song is a great one for learning names at the beginning of the school year. I sing it with children from three to six, and its always a favorite. You simply replace the first letter of each childs name with a W, the first time, then sing the name correctly the second time.
As I sit in a circle with children in a classroom setting, we go around and sing each name. It gives us all a chance to focus on each child, and me a chance to try to burn their names into my memory! With older children I pause and let them sing the mixed up name first, then join them on the corrected one. That way they have to think about how the first syllable sounds differently with the W. Its great for building phonemic awareness, a major skill they will need later in order to read.
But for now, its just fun! And it keeps us adults on our toes!

Willoughby Wallaby Woo

Willoughby wallaby Wonathan, an elephant sat on Jonathan
Willoughby wallaby Wattie, an elephant sat on Hattie

Willoughby wallaby Waxson, an elephant sat on Jaxson
Willoughby wallaby Wen, an elephant sat on Ben

Willoughby wallaby Wate, an elephant sat on Kate
Willoughby wallaby Waiden, an elephant sat on Aiden

Willoughby wallaby Weff, an elephant sat on Jeff
Willoughby wallaby Wellie, an elephant sat on Ellie