June 2014 Song of the Month

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This In celebration of this yearís national summer reading theme, Iím offering the most popular song from my CD, Sing a Song of Science. If you want more science songs, you can buy the full CD in my shop.
Movement for this song is self-explanatory, but I like to talk a bit about energy before singing it the first time. Here are just a few facts included in this song, and ways you talk about them with young children:
Old-fashioned light bulbs spend most of their energy creating heat, not light! Newer bulbs are more efficient because most of their energy makes light. You can feel them, and they are cool- but donít touch an incandescent light bulb- itís hot!
You canít destroy energy, it just changes form, like from heat to light. Thatís why kids get hot when theyíre bundled up in the winter time, running around outside. They're changing energy into heat!
You might also check out an easy non-fiction book on energy from your local library, or visit these fun websites for more information and activities.

Kids and Energy         Energy Kids        Alliant Energy Kids


1. Did you have your breakfast, did you get a good nightís sleep

    Then youíll have lots of energy, get up get on your feet.


Get up and shake, shake, shake, shake your hands
Jump, jump, jump up and down
Turn, turn, turn, turn around
Reach way up high, and sit back down

2. Stirring up the molecules creates a lot of heat
    So letís stir up the molecules, get up get on your feet

3. Put your hands together now and clap along with me
    Just like the sun that shines you have a lot of energy  

4. From sun to light and light to heat, it changes all the time
    Moving, working, doing, energyís a busy guy  

5. Kids have lots of energy, theyíre always on the go
    Running, jumping, dancing, you need energy to grow