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August 2005
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Cows are in the Castle
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This simple songs lends itself to many variations and additions of animals. In my concerts, I have been doing the first several animals, then asking children what animals they would like to shoo out of the castle. We’ve had everything from dragons to bees, and the song can go on for quite a long time!


Change the lyrics to sing about animals around the house. You might want to list rooms in one column, and animals that begin with the same letter in another. As you sing about each room, ask the children to name an animal that begins with the same first letter of that room.

Lizards in the living room., what shall we do
Lizards in the living room, shoo, lizard, shoo

Here are some ideas for animals and rooms beginning with the same letter.

Living room (lizards, leopards, lions, llamas )
Dining room (dinosaurs, dragons, )
Kitchen (kangaroos, katydids)
Bedroom (bees, bugs, beetles)
Family room ( frogs )
Bathroom (bees, bugs, beetles)

With younger children, you can have a picture of the animal above the name.

Note about the sheet music:
I have included a simpler version of the chords. If you are a beginning guitarist, use version 2.







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