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  Sing this summer song as you learn about sea creatures! Add your own verses about other sea animals, some that swim, and some that donít!
  Have children act out the animals in the song. Let them listen to the description, then ďbecomeĒ the animal. There are suggested movements below, but of course children can make up their own!

Sea Life Dance

There are creatures living in the ocean
So many animals living in the sea

1. Some of them like to walk sideways
along the bottom of the sea
Like the crab, the crab, walking sideways
on the bottom of the sea
(children walk sideways, of course!)

2. Some of them are called cephalopods,
 they only have head and feet
Like the octopus, the octopus, it only has head and feet
(Children float around the room waving arms slowly)

3. One of them looks like a pretty flower, but itís a sea anemone
An anemone, anemone, itís a sea anemone
(children crouch down, put hands together,
 opening and closing like the anemone!)  

 One of them is enormous, he has either teeth or baleen
Itís a whale, a whale, eating with teeth or baleen
(children swim around the room looking for fish to eat)








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