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April 2005
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Who Would Like to Buy My Flowers?
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Real or plastic flowers, at least enough for half the children in your group.
Nickels, at least enough for half the children in your group.

Divide the children into two groups, the sellers and the buyers. If you have an odd number of children, add yourself to the game to make it come out even. Have the sellers standing in a circle, facing out, and holding their flowers. Give each of the sellers a nickel, and have them walk in a circle around the sellers during the first. At the end of that verse, have them stop in front of a seller, and buy the flower. Encourage children to sing their parts. Then the buyers and sellers can change parts, and do the song again.


Depending on the ages of the children, you can have more flowers and more nickels, so they decide how many flowers to buy, and how much they will cost. Or you can bring pennies into the game, and talk about pennies in a nickel, and so forth. Use your imagination, and make the song/game as simple or as mathematical as your children’s abilities dictate.

You can also, of course have the children sell things other than flowers, changing the words of the song to fit.

Who Would Like to Buy My Flowers?

Who would like to buy my flowers
They are fresh and pretty too
If you give me just a nickel
I will give a flower to you

I would like to buy your flower
It is fresh and pretty too
I will give you this one nickel
I will buy a flower from you

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