May 2012 Song of the Month

Flowers and Colors
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.




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I am posting this song a bit early in order for you to have it for May Day. Of course itís good any time in the spring.  Use this short simple song to teach colors either with words or ASL (sign language). I have sung it slowly to allow small hands to form the signs easily. At the bottom of this page I've put a handy link so you can watch videos of all the colors used.

This would also make a great preschool performance song.
Short and sweet! 
Happy May Day!


Flowers grow from the seeds below

In every color of the rainbow

Red and yellow, green and blue

Pink and purple and orange too


I will pick the flowers I grow

In every color of the rainbow

Pink and purple and orange and blue

To make a pretty bouquet for you



CLICK HERE to open a new page that has direct links to all the colors in ASL.
When you're done, simply close that window to return here.

These are from the wonderful website, If you have never used it before, be sure to bookmark it! It has a dictionary and is very easy to use.