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Who Has The Ring?

Can you guess who has the ring
As we pass it on the string?
Move it left and move it right
Always keep it out of sight


This is a favorite of children of all ages, and they will want to play it for a long time over and over again.

It also makes a great party game!

Thread a length of yarn with a ring, and knot the ends. Adjust the size of the yarn loop so that it is taut when the children are sitting in a close circle with their hands placed over the yarn. Choose one child to sit in the middle, and close his or her eyes as the song is sung once. Children pass the ring on the yarn, keeping it covered with hands, and stop passing it when the song ends. This takes a little bit of practice for younger children. Remind them to keep both hands on the yarn even when they donít have the ring! At the end of the song, the child in the middle opens his or her eyes, and tries to guess who has the ring. I usually give him or her three guesses. Choose a new child, and repeat the game until everyone has had a turn in the middle.











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