June 2018 Song of the Month
Pebbles in the Sea
Copyright 2018 by Nancy Stewart
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.
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This song is for summer reading Program, 2018, "Libraries Rock"
Other songs are Rocks in the Crust of the Earth
and Obwissana/Rhythm of the Rocks


This song has a simple, repetitive melody to mimic the constant rhythm of the waves coming in and out. It can be sung as a two-part round, with second part starting on second line. Children can play steady beat on various rhythm instruments or use hand motions below.
It would be a wonderful performance song for a choir.

Hand motions for each verse precede the lyrics.
If singing with older children, you can start in a large circle, walking into the middle on last line of each verse, then back out again as you sing “sea” at end of the line.

Pebbles in the Sea

(Gently slap hips on “pocket”, then cup hands as if shaking pebbles in rhythm. Open hands as you make tossing motion out in front of body.)

I got a pocket full of pebbles, I’ll put ’em in my hand
Make a shaker that sounds so sweet
Gonna go on down to the water’s edge
And toss my pebbles into the sea.

(Trace index finger of one hand in circular motion on open palm of other hand. Pretend to “skip” stone as lyrics indicate.)

I got a smooth stone in the palm of my hand
Just as smooth as it can be
Gonna go on down to the water’s edge
And skip my stone out over the sea.

(Cradle hands , then separate as if to drop as lyrics indicate.)

I got a heavy rock that’s cradled in my hands
It was sittin’ here by the tree
Gonna go on down to the water’s edge
And drop my heavy rock into the sea.

(Hands pretend to climb up, then hand across forehead, looking around, then hands climb down.)

I’m gonna go on down to the water’s edge
Where there are boulders bigger than me
Gonna climb right up to the top of a boulder
And take look out over the sea.


(Hands pretend to climb down again, then cup hands of pebbles, trace circle in palm for stone, and cup hands side by side to cradle, open hands and move in tossing motion.)

When I climb back down to the rocky sand
I’ll take a handful of pebbles
And a smooth stone and a heavy rock
And I’ll give ’em all back to the sea.
I’m gonna give ’em all back to the sea.