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November 2003
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Ever since I put my Ramadan Song on the website, I have had requests for a song about Eid. So here it is! Eid is a Muslim celebration that lasts for three days at the end of Ramadan, which ends on the morning after the new moon is seen in the sky (Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the lunar calendar). Children are told to watch for the new moon. This year, Eid is projected to begin on November 26th. During Eid-Ul-fitr Muslims exchange gifts and cards and pay visits to friends. The lyrics to this song reflect the information given to me by the families I sang for at an Eid celebration last year. I am indebted to them for teaching me about their culture, and as always, believe even a simple song can help bridge the differences between us. The simple hand motions allow everyone to take part in the celebration. Eid Mubarek!

Celebrate Eid
Syllables in bold indicate when to do separate motions

Do you see a crescent moon? (3 times)
(form a C with one hand, hold it up high,
and sway it back and forth to the rhythm)
When you see a crescent moon we can celebrate Eid
We’ll have a party with our friends
(alternately pat lap and clap, in rhythm)
and celebrate Eid
We’ll decorate with lots of lights
(Open left hand overhead, then right– repeat in rhythm)
We’ll dress up in our brand new clothes
( hands pat lap, shoulders, head, shoulders –repeat to rhythm)
We’ll eat our special food together
( pretend to eat in rhythm)
We’ll open up our presents
(clap on “o” , open hands on “up” - repeat)
So do you see a crescent moon? (repeat first verse motion)
Eid mubarek, Eid sied!









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