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December 2001










Copyright 2002 Nancy Stewart

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Decemberís song of the month is a special offering. During the last few months we have all found ourselves clinging to our children and families, trying to comprehend the recent events. My young audiences are made up of children of all colors, nationalities, and religions, and in the spirit of healing, I offer this song for my Muslim friends who are celebrating Ramadan.

I wish for all of you Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men,
 Women, and Children.
Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday may be.

For more information on Islam and Ramadan, including activities for children,
visit this site. To send a Ramadan greeting to your Muslim friends click here.

by Nancy Stewart copyright 2001

I have a friend, his name is Omar
His family celebrates Ramadan
The ninth month of the lunar year
His family celebrates Ramadan

Ramadan, Ramadan
His family celebrates Ramadan

Every morning they get up
And have a big meal before the light
Then they donít eat, and they donít drink,
They fast until the dark of night

I have a friend, her name is Ameena
Her family celebrates Ramadan
We go to school together and play,
Ameena prays five times a day, during

On the first day of the month that follows Ramadan
Their families invite us to the feast that they
put on Celebrating

Ramadan Mubarak (have a blessed Ramadan) Ramadan