April 2019 Song of the Month
Farm Machinery Song
Copyright 2019 by Nancy Stewart
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.
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Kids love singing and learning about vehicles, and the farm has lots of big busy things that go! Discuss with children how the tractor us used to pull other things that do different jobs on the farm.

AGE: 4-7
PROPS: books about farm machinery, spring planting on the farm. Check your local library!
INSTRUCTIONS: have pictures of different kinds of farm machinery, and especially tractors and combines. Talk about what they do, how they are used. Children can sing along with the chorus.


Farm Machinery Song

Every morning down on the farm
We get up just before dawn
And I put on a pair of jeans and an old tee shirt
Then all day long I work and play in the dirt

Iím a ridiní on the tractor, on the combine too
Ridiní along on that farm machineryís what I love to do

The tractor pulls the tools I need
To plow the dirt and to plant the seed
And to weed and feed the crops in every row
The combine cuts and cleans the grains we grow