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October 2003
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Decorative gourds are easy to find at this time of year, and are truly beautiful! I’ve been having a lot of fun with this song with 2-5 year-olds.


  • Five small decorative gourds in different shapes and colors ( at most markets in the fall) 

  • A basket to hold them.

Set the gourds out in a row, and “pick” and place them in the basket as the
lyrics direct. Or you can purchase enough gourds for all of the children in your class and extend the song, giving

Every child a turn to “pick” the gourds and place them in the basket.

Five Pretty Gourds

Five pretty gourds, growing on the ground

(hold up five fingers, then spread flat hands on imaginary ground)

Some are long and some are round

(arms straight over head, hands, then make circle with arms)

Mama said those look mighty fine

(hands on hips, shake finger at gourds on “mighty fine”)

Please come pick a pretty gourd from the vine

(Pick up a gourd, or point to a child to do it)

And put it in a basket to decorate our table (put in the basket)

Repeat with 4,3,2, and 1







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