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December is Winter And Summer
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Remember this confusing fact? December is winter in countries north of the equator, and summer in countries south of the equator. This is because of the tilt of the earthís axis. Use this song to teach children about this rather confusing concept!
THIS VIDEO explains it really well.

Of course there are many ways you could use this song, but Iíve included the activity I use here. Read through all the instructions below before beginning, and e-mail me is anything is not clear! If you donít have simple pictures of the continents, go to one of my favorite websites, Enchanted Learning and download simple outlines of the continents mentioned in the lyrics below to use in making the props.

  • Using the song lyrics, make a prop for each child : one sheet of paper with a blue continent on one side, and a yellow continent on the other side (place the second one upside down; pictures will be right side up when the children lower their arms and turn them over). Label the places so children can read them. Laminate them if you like.

  • Show the children a globe, so they can see how the earth is tilted. Show them the equator, and talk about the countries above and below it. Explain how the earth goes around the sun.

  • Have children stand in a circle. Each child will begin the song holding the blue side of paper up in the air and facing into the circle (arms are up to represent the Northern hemisphere).

December is Winter and Summer

When it says ďArms Up,Ē children hold up blue side of
paper facing center of circle
ď Arms Down, ď children lower arms turning paper over so yellow side is facing center of circle

December is winter, December is winter,
(arms up)
December is winter in North America
December is summer, December is summer
(arms down )
December is summer in South America

Travel around the world, changing latitudes
(walk around the circle, while raising paper back up)
You will find the seasons changing right along with you

Verse 2. (same motions as verse 1).
December is winter, December is winter
(arms up)
December is winter in Europe and Asia too
December is summer, December is summer
December is summer in Australia

The axis of the earth is what itís all about
(Arms are up, body tilted)
When itís winter in the North, itís summer in the South
(lower arms and turn paper over)

December is winter, December is winter
(arms up)
December is winter in North Africa
December is summer, December is summer (arms down)
December is summer in South Africa