August 2014 Song of the Month

Mixing Up The Colors
Copyright 2014 by Nancy Stewart





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Iíve been having so much fun with my summer reading concert, I thought Iíd feature one of the songs this month. Itís from my Sing a Song of Science CD.

Here are 3 easy ways to demonstrate mixing colors, or let children do it themselves as the song is sung or played.

  1. Purchase a roll each of red, yellow, and blue cellophane (available at party stores or any place that has a good wrapping paper selection). Cut a piece from each color and insert in photo mat boards. Of course you can just cut frames from cardboard too. As you sing the song, place one color halfway over the other, so children can see the primary and secondary colors.

  2. Sippy Cup Science! Simply use a blue, a red, and a yellow sippy cup. As each verse is sung, place one color over the other to make the third (verse one would be red over yellow to make
    orange). This is even more fun and dramatic with a flashlight shining up through them!

  3. Three glasses of water and food coloring: Summer is a great time to do this experiment outside! Simply add single drops of food coloring to mix the colors as you sing the song.

Mixing Up the Colors

1.  Red and yellow make orange,
Red and yellow make orange,
Red and yellow make orange
Thatís the way the colors go

Red and yellow and blue make so many pretty colors itís true
And it only takes two to make another pretty color for you

2.  Blue and yellow make green (3 times).
Thatís the way the colors go. (chorus)

Every color that you see is made by mixing just these three
Red and yellow and blue, red and yellow and blue

3.  Red and blue make purple, (3 times).
Thatís the way the colors go (chorus)