July 2017 Song of the Month
Interesting Insects
Copyright 2017 by Nancy Stewart


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This song is from my popular Bee-Boppin Bugs CD, available on my shop page.
You can download the song and do the following motions along with it, or just learn it and sing without the music. In concerts I hold up pictures of each insect, and then sing and do the movements with the children without any music., and not singing the repeated So many interesting Insects line between verses. The movement carries the song, especially the verse about the fly!


Interesting Insects


1. Im a cricket and my ears are on my knees (3 times) 
(put hand on ears, then knees  as lyrics indicate)

    My ears are down on my knees

2. Im a little ant, and I can lift a heavy load  (3 times)
(arms show muscles, and optionally, walk around as if carrying heavy load)

    I can lift a really, really heavy load

3. Im a dragonfly and I have two pairs of wings (3 times)

(elbows up, then down for 2 pairs)

    I have one, two, three, four wings
(lift one elbow up, then other, one elbow down, then other)

4. Im a housefly and I can walk on the ceiling (3 times)

(lie on back with hands and feet in the air making walking motion)

    Turn somersaults in the air and walk on the ceiling
(roll hands for summersault, and then walk on ceiling motion as above)

5. Im a honey bee, I put the pollen in my legs (3 times) 
(flap arrms for wings, then pat thighs in rhythm)

    Put the pollen in the pockets in my legs
(move flat hands from sides down to thighs as you pat in rhythm)


Add your own verses about other interesting insects!