February 2015 Song of the Month

Robot Song
Copyright 2015 by Nancy Stewart

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In this song, children can pretend to be robots!
I had a teacher request for a robot song, so here it is! Explain that robots often do very repetitive tasks that we would find boring. That being said, children love being robots in this song and will want to do the motions over and over again and will not be bored!

Depending on the verses you sing, they can just move their arms and point to body parts and wave (last verse), or do a more complex sequence of moves in verses 2 and 3. I used plastic cups and plastic egg shakers, but again, you can modify that. I have successfully used verse 2 with three and four year-olds, and verses 2 and 3 with older four's and and five's. (Of course their is a wide range of ability in young children, so use what works for you.)
This is great for building listening skills, keeping a group rhythm, and fine motor skills!

Here are two more robot song ideas:

  1. Sing “I’m a Little Teapot,” but as if you were a robot. If you don't know that song, you can download song from my other website, SingWithOurKids.com  (along with more free songs!)

  2. Print out two copies of robot “paper doll” pattern on page 2 of the lyrics PDF. Use 4 Little Paper Dolls song, changing the words to “Four Little Robots in a row…” Here are directions for folding your 4 robots in accordion fold.

Robot Song

R O B O T spells robot,
Robots have a job to do
Some have heads and arms and legs
And hands that open and close it’s true
Hold up sign and point to letters and word as lyrics indicate. Then move your arms in a robotic way, to point to body parts, open and close hands.
I’m a robot, I will do my job,
and move a cup for you
Pick it up and move it over
Put it down and then let go
Place a cup in front of each child. Follow the lyrics to pick up the cup, move it over, set it down, let go
Pick an egg up, move it over
Drop it right into the cup
Pick the cup up, move it over
Take the egg out, eat it up!
Have an egg ready next to the cup. Follow instructions, of course just bringing egg near mouth at end
R O B O T spells robot,
I can do things you can do
I can reach my arms up high
And I can wave bye-bye to you!
Hold up word sign again, reach hands up and wave bye-bye with “robotic” hands