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Limbo Under the Spider Web

Use your imagination in decorating your room for this song! You can simply run a piece of string or yarn and have children limbo under it, or string several “webs” from cottony Halloween webbing around the room. If you really want to limbo, support a web or piece of yarn between two people, and have them lower it a little more each time the children pass under. Younger children can just walk under, and older children can tip their heads back in limbo fashion! For more spider fun and facts, visit these websites.
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Limbo Under the Spider Web

A spider builds a silver web, he starts with a single string
From the silk he makes himself, It’s stronger than most anything


Come on limbo under the spider’s web
You can limbo along with me
Go under but do not touch the silken thread
Come on and limbo along with me

One day the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
Though she fell when the rain came down
She went up went the sun came out
Said the spider to the fly, won’t you come and visit me
But the fly said no, you’re looking for dinner
and that would be me!













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