February 2018 Song of the Month
The Cycle of Water
Copyright 2018 by Nancy Stewart
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.
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This idea for this song came from a teacher in Buffalo, New York. Her school is doing a water theme, and one of the subjects being covered is the cycle of water. It can get pretty technical, but I decided to write a simple round that could be sung by a wide age range, with the youngest able to sing the song not in a round. To learn more about the cycle of water, see more information on my favorite resource website, Enchantedlearning.com. Although you can use many of the resources for free, an annual personal subscription is only $20 (school is $125). I highly recommend it.
Iím always looking for ideas for songs of the month, so please feel free to make a request - as this teacher did!

Use the hand motions with or without singing in a round.
If singing as a round, each line is a part

The Cycle of Water

The cycle of water goes around and around
(circle hands around)
As the water rises up from the earth to the clouds
(move flat hands, palms up, up high)
The clouds rain down on the ground below
(fingers wiggle down for rain)
And the cycle of water is an endless flow
(circle hands around whiles raising and lowering)