January 2013 Song of the Month

Rain, Rain, Won't Go Away
Copyright 2013 by Nancy Stewart
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.




















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Here in the Pacific Northwest (western Washington and Oregon) we can have rain anytime of the year. I received an e-mail from a librarian last month which prompted this song. It read:

ďI am one of your most dedicated fans. I use you music regularly in my weekly Story Time and Music Time programs. You seem to have a song for almost any theme, your songs are catchy and easy to learn and sing, and you never stop coming up with new ones!
I've been doing Story Times for over 20 years, and I've often done a winter, spring, summer, or fall story time, but for the first time I'll be doing a "four seasons" story time in January 2013. Since my library is on the rainy Oregon coast, I wanted a book to read that dealt with a RAINY winter day rather than a SNOWY winter day, or maybe a rainy CLIMATE book (no hot summers, no crisp falls, snow as an amazing occurrence, rain all four seasons). So far I have found no books. None in my library system. None in the vast Portland system. None searching online. Zero rainy winter books so far. Zero rainy climate books. How is it that you don't have any rainy songs? Seattle is in the world's largest temperate rain forest, just like my town, and famous (notorious?) for its rain.
Snow is fun and the idea of it makes my little Oregon ducklings very happy, but I would love to acknowledge the life they actually live with a good book or song about the climate they know and don't mind at all.
Maybe someday you'll write a rainy song for all of us living in or near this lovely but soggy temperate rain forest?
- Keeping my fingers crossed,

Well Sara, you can un-cross your fingers, because Iíve taken your request to heart! Here is your year-round rainy day song. It can be done as a circle dance, as you will see from the instructions. Have fun, and keep dry!

Rain, Rain, Won't Go Away

Wintertime is here, maybe this year weíll have snow

Weíll put our hats and mittens on,
(pretend to put on hat, hold up mitten hands)

Make a snowball we can throw
(claps hands together for snowball and pretend to throw)


CHORUS: (walk around in a circle, stopping for the verses)

Oh, no, itís raining, itís pouring, the old man is snoring

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day

Spring is nearly here, little flowers start to grow
(bring fingers of one hand up through other loose fist for ďgrowĒ)

Letís get the garden started,

Bring the shovel, bring the hoe
(pretend to dig)   (CHORUS)

Summerís finally here, you can almost feel the sun
(circle arms above head for sun)

Letís go outside and climb a tree

And play Ďtil the day is done
(pretend to climb)   (CHORUS)

Now the fall has chilled the air,
(hug self and rub arms indicating chill)

All the leaves are falling down
(flutter fingers down)

Letís make a great big pile of them
(pretend to gather leaves with arms)

And jump and twirl around
(jump and twirl!)   (CHORUS)

Letís put on our raincoats, letís put our rain boots on too
(pretend motions)

Letís open a big umbrella,

Itís the only thing to do
(hold arms overhead , fingers touching for umbrella)

Because Ö

Itís raining, itís pouring, the old man is snoring,

Rain, rain wonít go away,

So weíll just have to go outside anywayÖ and play