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March 2003
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Use this song to reinforce your unit about trees.
DISCUSS: The parts of the tree, and how every part has a job. Have a picture of a tree with the parts labeled. Visit the websites below for more classroom activities about trees.
Use hand movements for the chorus below:






Every tree has roots
(arms facing down with fingers spread on floor)

a trunk
 (arms facing up from elbows with fingers closed in fists)
and leaves (open fingers, spread wide)
and flowers too (wiggle fingers)
The flowers and leaves and trunk and roots
all have a job to do
(repeat above movements in reverse)

It all begins with the flowers
for they keep the seeds that grow
When they’re carried by the wind, the birds and squirrels,
down to the ground below

The leaves are a food factory, using sun and water too
We call it photosynthesis, the trees just call it food

The trunk is the highway of the tree, it takes the water from the roots below
Up to the leaves, then it sends the food back down so the roots will grow

The roots take the water and minerals from the soil where they grow
Send them up to the leaves and get the food they need
to spread out in the ground below

Working together all these parts make a lovely place to be
A home to squirrels, birds, and bugs, and a shady place to sit and sing