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This month for something different, I am giving you a “piggybacked” song– that is, new words to an old melody. Since many of you will be singing sea songs this summer, I thought you’d like this. I use the Folktales scallop hand puppet It’s always a big hit with kids, and you won’t have to worry about learning a new melody. Happy Clam digging!


I’m a Little Scallop

Sung to “I’m A Little Teapot”

 Use a scallop puppet (see below). Or use hand as the scallop. Have it open and close to mouth the words to the song. If you do use the puppet, sing once, then have children sing it with you, using their hands for form the singing scallop.

I’m a little scallop in a shell (manipulate puppet to “sing”)

Down in the sand I live quite well

But if you come a knockin’ at my door (knock on shell)

I’ll close up tight, you won’t see me anymore! (Point scallop downward as it “digs” into the sand, then disappears behind your back—Keep scallop closed, and sing through closed teeth)

Scallop puppet available where quality puppets are sold, or available online–

A favorite site I have found where you can purchase this and other wonderful wildlife puppets, as well as free ideas, games, and teacher resources:

Acorn Naturalists

Check it out!

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