November 2010 Song of the Month


Mister Turkey and Mister Duck
From my "Little Songs for Little Me" CD





















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This is one of my all-time favorite finger plays! Children always join in the motions, and always sing! I use it around Thanksgiving time, but it’s great year-round. Read below for additional ideas about how to use this song in the class room.

Mr. Turkey and Mr. Duck
(Start with hands behind back)

Mr. Turkey went out one day
(one hand is turkey, and comes out to front)
In bright sunshiny weather

He met Mr Duck along the way
(other hand is duck, and comes out )
They stopped to talk together

Gobble, gobble, gobble, quack, quack, quack
Gobble, gobble, gobble, quack, quack, quack

And then they both went back
(hands go back behind back)

Quack! (spoken)


The variations below are a great way to use this song as a simple dramatic play. Before you do them,  talk about how turkeys strut and ducks waddle. Have children practice doing each.


(This version is great as a performance piece for school programs. It takes next to no practice, and parents will see their child’s full character come to life!)

Have half the children standing in a line facing the other half of the children. One side will be the turkeys, and the other side will be ducks. Demonstrate how the turkeys will “strut” halfway and stop. Then the ducks waddle to meet them. Have the turkeys practice their lines (gobble, gobble, gobble) and the ducks… (quack, quack, quack)  

Repeat, and then they all turn and walk back to where they started.



Same as above, but with only one pair of children at a time. If your class isn’t too large, you can have them switch animals and sing again..  This can be done in a circle, with a pair of children from opposite sides of the circle standing up and walking to the middle to face each other, then walking back. Have the rest of the children clap in time and sing the song- except for the gobbles and quacks! Those lines will belong to the “actors!”