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December 2006
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A Season for Singing
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In the spirit of the magic of the season that is nearly upon us, and by request, I am offering this, the title song from A Season for Singing. It has been sung over the years by childrenís choirs and included in school programs. Because of that, I am including an instrumental version of it for you to use as accompaniment. And in order to give you enough time to learn it, we are putting it up early. I have always loved the fact that people of all faiths and traditions celebrate at this time of year. So Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday may be!

All around the world itís a season for singing
Though every voice may sing a different song
All around the world, hear the children all bringing
Songs of hope to last all year long

So light the menorah or hang piŮatas high
Letís sing a song together as we share the winter sky

So strum the balalaika and shake maracas too
You can play an Irish harp and Iíll bring drums and flute

So bring out the holly and hang the mistletoe high
Letís sing a song together as we share the winter sky