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This month I am giving you an extra reason to download the MP3 files for this song, and burn them to a CD - which you can then use in your CD player! I recorded a vocal and also an instrumental version, so you can use it to accompany your voice. Stop it at the end of the song, get another puppet, and play it again! You can hear both versions streaming now, and in the Real Audio file, but the MP3's are downloadable separately. If you don’t know how to download the MP3 files, you can follow the directions HERE (or just ask any teenager!). While you’re at it, download all of the other songs of the month, and you will have a nice collection to use in the classroom!

Can You Nod Your Head?
I wrote this short and simple song many years ago, and it remains a favorite with children 2-5 years old. Use your favorite animal puppets, and manipulate them as the song indicates. Children follow along. I sing the song four times through with different puppets, inviting the children to sing along. About the third time you can tell the children the next animal is really tricky. Pause before you say the last word “down”, and tell the children to listen VERY carefully, and not sit down until you say “down”. They love the element of surprise, and will want to do it again and again.

Alternate: You can also give each child a puppet, and all of the puppets can do the movements ( in that case, you could change the lyric of “kitty cat” to “my friend.”

You will notice that the recorded song is fairly slow. That is to allow young children enough time to follow the movements. There is also a little extra time built in so younger children have enough time to stand up. So you should be able to use the recording and have the children join in. If you are singing a cappella, be sure to follow their lead, and sing slowly enough for their physical ability level.

Note: You can learn the song and sing it a cappella, use the recorded vocal version, or sing along with the instrumental version, using a different puppet each time.



Can you nod your head like kitty cat
Can you nod, nod, nod your head
Can you wag your tail like kitty cat, wag your tail

Can you wiggle wiggle, wiggle like kitty cat,
can you wiggle wiggle, wiggle all around
Can you stand up just like kitty cat, and then fall down! 



Click  HERE for  Sheet Music

Download the Vocal MP3 and Instrumental MP3
 Download the Real Audio Vocal and Real Audio Instrumental
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