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March 2004
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Discuss leprechauns with children, then act out this song.
Visit the website’s links below for additional ideas and activities.

Walk around in a circle until the 3rd line,
then stop, and follow the directions.

Leprechauns and Shamrocks

Pretty little shamrocks were growin’ on the ground
Along came a leprechaun, he didn’t make a sound
He picked a little shamrock and jumped up in a tree
Then he put it in his pocket, and he slapped his little knees
And he clapped his tiny hands, and he stamped his little feet
And he said, “This will bring a little luck to me.”

Variation 1:

Place five shamrocks on a felt board, and change the lyrics to “Five pretty shamrocks.” have children do the above movements while seated, as you take the shamrocks off the board one at a time until there are none.

Variation 2:

Place lots of felt or paper shamrocks on the floor in the middle of the circle. Children can “pick” them as lyrics indicate (if not all children have pockets, they can simply place them on the ground instead. Or you can make “pockets to loan” from yarn necklaces with open envelopes attached.

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