February 2016 Song of the Month

I値l Drive A Dump Truck

Copyright 2016 by Nancy Stewart







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Never underestimate the power of a simple song! I always joke that if I were trapped on a desert island with young children and could only take five songs, this would be one of  them. After singing this with children for over thirty years, I recently introduced it to my three year-old grandson while we were in the car for forty-five minutes. He quickly took it as his own, and requested additional trucks to sing about--- for the entire trip! I think the key with young children is making sure you sing it slowly so they can join in, and of course, ask for their ideas about trucks to include. They have endless ideas!

On the following pages I致e included a printable book with pictures to match the song; but you can use any book with pictures of vehicles, or felt shapes on a board.

You値l also find a WORD template for this and many other songs and DIY books on my SingWithOurKids website at www.singwithourkids.com/family-lit-printable.htm

However you sing this simple song, be ready to sing it a lot and often!

I値l Drive A Dump Truck

I値l drive a dump truck, dump truck, dump truck

I値l drive a dump truck all day long!

(repeat with school bus, airplane, tow truck, and choo choo train)