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Singin' the Color Blues
Copyright 2006 Nancy Stewart

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Text Box: This has been the number one favorite felt board song for years!  Be sure to use “different “ voices as I do on the recording. Children LOVE this, as it appeals to their very unique sense of humor!
Use the patterns below to maket five felt fish in different shapes and colors, to match words in song. 
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea. What color fishy do you see?
Red, red, this one's red. This little fishy is red 
(Repeat with other colors)
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea. Can you count the fishies with me...1,2,3,4,5,
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea
What color is the biggest fish you see?
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea
What color is the smallest fishies you see.
Variation: Find clipart of different kinds of fish, and change the words to “What kind of fishy do you see?” - A great way to learn about different salt or fresh water species. You can laminate the clipart and place a small piece of  the loop side of Velcro on each fish so it will stick to the felt board. Or glue felt to the back. This is a quick easy way to make colorful detailed felt board shapes for many songs. 
Hint: has great fish pictures!
Patterns for Felt Fish

Before you sing this song with the children, talk through the lyrics, allowing them to figure out what colors they are wearing.
Practice the motions in the chorus (shake hands, clap hands in rhythm as lyrics indicate). I repeated the verses, giving younger children a chance to repeat the directions.
For younger children who are just learning their colors, you may also want to have pieces of colored paper on a board to point to as you sing the names of the colors at the end of the chorus. This is also great practice for children learning English (ESL).


Singin’ the Color Blues

If you’re wearing blue,
Put your hands down on your shoes
If you’re wearing red,
Give yourself a little pat on the head
If you’re wearing yellow,
Can you wiggle like a bowl full of Jello

If you’re wearing pink
Give your eyes a little blink, blink, blink
If you’re wearing white,
Put your head down and say Goodnight!
If you’re wearing black,
Can you give yourself a big pat on the back

We’re singing the colors, shaking to the colors,
Clapping to the Color Blues
Singin’ and sharing all the colors you’re wearing
From your head down to your shoes
Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple too
We’re singin’ the Color Blues