December 2020 Song of the Month
 Happy New Year Everyone
by Nancy Stewart       Copyright 2020
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Celebrate the New Year by learning traditions around the world. This song contains just a few of the fun traditions I learned about by doing a simple Google search. You can also ask children what their families do to celebrate New Year’s Day. Below are a couple of more ideas for ways to use this song:

Different children can hold up props during the verses ( an onion, a polka dot, etc.)
Make simple rhythm with your hands during the chorus: lap, clap, lap, clap

Happy New Year Everyone

1. People everywhere have special things to do and say
    To celebrate a new year that begins on New Year’s Day

Happy New Year everyone, we’ll make a toast and have some fun
Take another trip around the sun and wish you Happy New Year

2. When putting on your New Year’s clothes first take a look around
    Then choose some polka dots to wear just because they’re round

3. On New Year’s Eve an onion on the door brings luck it’s said
    On New’s Day then tap the onion on your children’s head (CHORUS)

4. Gather up a dozen fruits that have a shape that’s round
    Or stand upon a chair and then jump down onto the ground (CHORUS)

5. When you’re getting dressed on New Year’s Eve just out of bed
    Put on your brand new underwear in yellow or in red (CHORUS)

6. Pack your favorite suitcase case full and take a little walk
    To bring some travel to the year ahead go round the block. (CHORUS)

7. Bang the pots and pans together, make some happy noise
    Join together with your friends and neighbors, girls and boys (CHORUS)