ASL Signs
 Descriptions are written below, with still illustrations. To see the small video clips these were captured from, visit the American Sign Language Browser


Colors: place fingertips of right hand against the chin and wiggle them back and forth

Winter: arms bent close to body with fists closed. “Shiver” arms and hands


Beautiful: Place right hand just below face, fingers closed over the thumb. Then make a counterclockwise circle around the face, opening hand to indicate the whole face. At the end of the circle around the face, hand closes to beginning position.

Around: The index finger of one hand circles (goes around) the fingertips that are closed together and held upright


Verse colors in alphabetical order:

Blue: Right hand “B” (4 fingers up, thumb across palm) shakes slightly, pivoting at the wrist.


Gold: Pinch earlobe, then make sign for yellow (below).



Green: thumb and index finger of right hand straight and slightly apart; pivoting at the wrist.


Orange: hold loose fist in front of mouth and squeeze

Pink: hold middle and index finger in a Y; middle finger touches lisp, then moves down in front

Purple: Hold right hand at chest, middle and index fingers in upside down V. Pivot side to side.

Red: Cross middle finger over index, brush lips, and move straight down


White : An open 5 hand is placed on the chest and is then pulled straight out with the fingertips coming together.


Yellow: The Y handshape is shaken by the side.


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