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Our Thanksgiving Day

I’ve gotten you started with a few verses. Have children add more about their
favorite foods! What other “jobs” are there to be done on Thanksgiving? (wash the dishes, feed the dog, etc.). If you work with non-English speaking or pre-verbal children, hold up pictures of the foods or actions as you sing.

We can work together
We can work together
We can work together
 for our Thanksgiving Day

You can cook the turkey (repeat 3 times)
(point to someone different on each “you”)

for our Thanksgiving Day

I can mash potatoes (repeat 3 times)
 (place palms together and twist, to mash)

for our Thanksgiving Day

We can make an apple pie,
we can make a cherry pie
We can make a pumpkin pie
for our Thanksgiving Day

We can set the table (repeat 3 times)
(pretend to set the table)
for our Thanksgiving Day

We'll join our hands together
(repeat 3 times)
(if sitting in a circle, hold hands!)

 for our Thanksgiving Day

We will all say thank you (repeat 3 times)
Use the sign for “thank you” whenever it is sung
(place fingertips of open hand at mouth,
move hand away from mouth, palm up) 

 for our Thanksgiving Day

Optional lyrics:

Thank you for (my family) (repeat 3 times)
On this Thanksgiving Day

Have children take turns suggesting things to say thank you for.
Use the sign for “thank you” (above, verse 7)