Songs To use With
Rhythm Instruments

by Nancy Stewart
(206) 232-1078

Songs For Use With Individual Instruments

Ten Rhythm Instruments
(tune of Ten Little Indians)

One little, two little, three rhythm instruments,
Four little, five little, six rhythm instruments,
Seven little, eight little nine little instruments,
Ten Rhythm instruments here (repeat with 10 -1)

* This can also be done with sets of the same instruments.
Substitute the instrument name (rhythm sticks, etc.).

Old Macdonaldís Band

Old Macdonald had a band E-I-E-I-O
And in this band he had a (name an instrument)
E-I-E-I-O , etc.

Ten Little Angels- traditional song

( on A Season For Singing, recording by Nancy Stewart)

Each child is assigned a number
and plays when that number is sung.

There was 1, there were 2, there were 3 little angels
There were 4, there were 5, there were 6 little angels
There were 7, there were 8, there were 9 little angels
10 little angels in the band

Oh wasnít that a band on Christmas morning
Christmas morning, Christmas morning
Wasnít that a band on Christmas morning
Christmas morning soon

To tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb

If you have some rhythm sticks,
rhythm sticks, rhythm sticks
If you have some rhythm sticks, you can play them now

Repeat, with other instruments available

Songs For Use With Sets of Instruments

The following songs are easy for children to play on
shakers, sticks, jingle bells, or sand blocks.

Hot Crossed Buns

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Jingle Bells

Are You Sleeping (brother John)

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

or Play and sing a song, then play but donít sing.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Give all or some children rhythm sticks. Have them keep a steady rhythm for the ticking of the clock. Give one child a triangle, and have him or her play when the clock "strikes", once for one, twice for two, and so forth. A Third child can be given a special sound maker (horn, or squeaker) to play whenever the mouse is mentioned.

Egg Shaker Songs

(can also be used with other sets of instruments)

1.To tune of Mary wore a Red Dress

If you have a pink egg, pink egg, pink egg
If you have a pink egg, shake it right now!

(repeat with other colors)

2. To tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb

If you have a yellow egg, yellow egg, yellow egg
If you have a yellow egg, shake your egg right now

3. To tune of London Bridges

Can you shake your egg with me,
shake your egg along with me
Itís as easy as can be

Now put it on your knee ( head, tummy, etc.)

variation 1:

on last line: "Now do this" teacher or child can freeze in a pose, 
others copy, or tap a child on the head and copy him or her.

variation 2:

substitute 2nd line, "shake your egg and follow me"
then have group follow you around the room, still
stopping to freeze after each verse.