Socks Around the Circle (Game)

Try this simple game any time. Children love it!

Props needed: Socks with an object in the toe (see variations below), enough for each child. I use only black socks, so they all look the same. Use what you have! Read through all the variations below, and use one that works for the ages of children you have. Younger children will do better with simple, recognizable objects, while older children will enjoy the challenge of trying to identify more unusual objects.

Variation 1: For the older twos and threes, limiting the number of objects to a couple of simple ones, like blocks and small balls. Show the children the items that will be in the socks. Place all the socks in a box or tub, and walk around the circle as you sing, letting the children each take a sock as you pass. When the song ends, ask each child which of the objects you showed them is in his or her sock.

Variation 2: For 3’ and 4’s. Use more items, and make some of them unusual, but show them all of the items first. I have used such things as pine cones, clothes pins, and empty prescription bottles. As above, place the filled socks in a container and pass the container around the circle.

Variation 3: For 5-7 year’s olds: Fill the socks with same items as above, and a couple of really unusual items Look around your house or the classroom for small objects. I once used a small candle snuffer, and we had quite a conversation about what it was and how it was used in the “olden” days. Same thing with a spool of thread (one child guessed it was “sewing colors”). This is an opportunity to increase vocabulary, and teach children about all kinds of things! Instead of passing the container of socks around, give each child a sock, and instruct the children to keep passing the socks until the songs ends. Then you can go around and have each child say what is in his or her sock. Passing with one hand, while receiving with the other is challenging for some children, so you may want to practice first.

Variation 4: Use objects that relate specifically to the unit you are studying. Here are some ideas:

Shapes: Place different shaped items in the socks, and have children name the shapes

Nature: Use things like pine cones, rocks, small sticks (not sharp), leaves (several fresh, soft ones in a clump), a baggie of sand.

Cleaning things: toothbrush, bar of soap, wash cloth, , dental floss

Use your imagination, and things you have around you!

Other things I have used include: glue stick, crayon, library card, large thick screw, dental floss, small book, necklace

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