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Read ‘n Sing Concert Series with Nancy Stewart
(206) 232-1078

1. Sylvia Long’s Mother Goose, by Sylvia Long   JL MOTHER
2. Can Mother Goose Come Down to Play? By Diane White   J 372.1332
3. Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes, by Sandy Stryker   PICTURE BOOKS JL STRYKER, environmental versions
of nursery rhymes.
4. The Alaska Mother Goose, by Shelley Gill, Picture books   JL GILL
5. An Appalachain Mother Goose, by James Still, children’s non-fiction 
J 398.80973 STILL 1998
6. Move Over Mother Goose, by Ruth I. Dowell J372.5 DOWELL , excellent collection of rhymes for fingerplay
and movement. Well-organized and very usable for classroom
7. Little Songs for Little Me, on CD and cassette, by Nancy Stewart. Includes activity kit,  w/ felt animals,  felt board,  &  notebook   Click here to order

* for more “books that sing,” browse the picture book section of your library


1. Hickory, dickory dock

Hold hands together in praying position, 
and move back and forth for clock. 
Or keep steady beat with rhythm sticks.

Hickory, dickory, dock

The mouse ran up the clock

The clock struck one,.

The mouse ran down,

Hickory, dickory, dock


Repeat with 2,3,4

2. Little Arabella Miller

To tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Little Arabella Miller had a fuzzy caterpillar
(pretend to hold a caterpillar in hand)

First it crawled upon her mother
(hand crawls up one arm)

Then Upon her baby brother
(other hand crawls up other arm)

They said Arabella Miller
Put away your caterpillar

Little Arabella Miller had a fuzzy caterpillar
First it crawled upon her brother
Then upon her dear grandmother

She said, Arabella Miller, 
how I love your caterpillar!



1. Most nursery rhymes are complete stories, with a plot, characters, and setting. So they are a wonderful way to introduce children to story concepts. Put together a box of dressups and props, and have children act out favorite nursery rhymes. Some good ones are Little Miss Muffet, Hey Diddle Diddle, Jack Be Nimble.

2. Check out Nursery Rhyme Time, by Ru Story-Hoffman. It’s filled with fun activities and resources for using nursery rhymes, including reproducible patterns for the felt board, craft activities, fingerplays, and movement exercises.